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Why Should You Choose Zinc for Die Casting?

Zinc Die Casting
Zinc Die Casting

The die casting is a manufacturing process in which the molten metal is used to form a mold cavity under high pressure. Nowadays, several options are available so that the manufacturer can pick the most appropriate metal for the mold cavity. You can choose from zinc, copper, magnesium, aluminium, lead, and pewter, but if you want to earn a good profit while delivering a high-quality product, then you should opt for the Zinc Die Casting. Yes, there are many benefits of using zinc as molten metal in the die casting process and some of them are mentioned in the following blog.

8-10 Times Greater Tool Life: Do you know that the Zinc Die Casting tools can last up to 1,000,000 shots, but on the other hand, an aluminum tool is likely to be last up to 100,000-200,000 shots only? So, if you want to build products on a large scale, then zinc can help you to save money in tooling cost.

Excellent Fluidity: Comparing to the aluminium, zinc has a better ability to be cast thinner and more accurately. Thus, if you are manufacturing something that should have intricate details, then you should use zinc as molten metal.

Better and Swifter Cycle Times: If you are using hot chamber die casting with zinc as molten metal, then you already know that it gives faster cycle times as the user doesn’t need to pour the molten metal into the gooseneck. It provides the opportunity to earn more profit.

It Reduces the Power Consumption: As the zinc melts at a much lower temperature compared to aluminium, thus, less power is used in the Zinc Die Casting process. Zinc melts at 800° Fahrenheit, whereas aluminium melts 1200° Fahrenheit and you know that you can save a good amount of your money by reducing the power consumption in melting and heating process.

Quality of the Product: The weight of the zinc can be a big disadvantage in the manufacturing of various applications, but for many products, it is beneficial. For example, if you want to build something which should be thin, then Zinc Die Casting will be best.

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Applications of Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die Casting

The exceptional properties of zinc be it mechanical or physical foster the engineers to adopt zinc die casting to achieve more precision and accuracy in the finished parts and components. Not only the properties exhibit by the zinc make it as one of the most preferred alloys to be used in the manufacturing sector but also it is found cost-effective in comparison to other alloys and help the production to be done in a more consistent way. Finding such favourable points with zinc die casting, the manufacturing sector makes use of it in several applications and avail its benefits.

Automobile Components

As zinc is an excellent dampening material it is extensively used for the manufacturing of the flexible automotive components which also aid the automobile sector to get the production at an affordable price range because of the zinc being cost-effective. A single casting is enough to manufacture several components, thereby reducing efforts and time to a much larger extent. Also the zinc is almost non-resistant to corrosion which further makes it as one of the preferable alloy to manufacture parts for the automobile sector.


The appliances which have a thin wall castings are in demand and these can be manufactured from the zinc die casting that not only provide thin wall casting but also render strength and robustness for the appliance to work better after production. The casting also gives good surface finishing which makes the appliances not to be affected by the resistance and makes it stronger to be used for quite a long period of time.

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Few Remarkable Things You Will Admire About China Zinc Die Casting


Now, it is surely undoubted that China zinc die casting is absolutely an essential requirement for many manufacturers for the manufacturing of different types of products and components. Not only the process, but the material itself is indispensable and play an important role in your daily life as well. So if you are curious to get your products be stronger, durable and versatile then China zinc die casting is the best process to opt for as the manufacturing method for producing a large number of parts and components. If you think that why should you go with this method, then read the blog further and make yourself aware of a few things which will guarantee you a success.

Zinc is Stronger

Zinc is not only strong, but has the rigidity, hardness and greater impact strength which will allow you to make your products more durable and found easy to use them for work. Zinc also gives you a flexibility to let your manufacturing done at an affordable price range, which can’t be met with other metals.

Zinc is Versatile

As the zinc is capable of giving numerous benefits, the demand for China zinc die casting is increasing to manifolds. China zinc die casting mainly works in collaboration with customers of variety of different industries like automobile, aviation, transportation etc. and enquire about their preferences of products. So if you are in need of a strong and versatile material at low cost, then zinc is quite a feasible option.

Environmentally Friendly

China zinc die casting is a promising process which promises to provide environmentally friendly manufacturing method and make sure that the alloys are recyclable and reused again for other manufacturing task. So if you are really conscious of being good to the environment, then going with this process is a great step towards conserving the natural resources.

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Why China Zinc Die Casting is Beneficial?


Often most engineers focus very much on the weight of the material when designing components and parts and that’s why zinc is overlooked as it is lightweight. However, there is a huge demand for lighter parts, especially in automotive and gadget industries and to accomplish the task for these industries, engineers choose either aluminium or magnesium for manufacturing parts and components though zinc is more economical. So, if you look on the above parameters, then zinc has no place in the lightweight applications, but if you focus on the overall China zinc die casting process, then zinc could emerge as one of the most favorable alloys for building parts. So now let’s see what are some of the benefits which China zinc die casting can give for manufacturers.

Ability to Cast

No doubt that manufacturers would love if they could feel the fluidity of the zinc alloy. The point that needs to be understood is that as zinc provides greater fluidity, die castings can be thinner, more complex and don’t require any secondary operations which are usually demanded by aluminium and magnesium alloys. The manufacturers could achieve savings as less material is used and also can save a lot of energy which, when otherwise be wasted in melting and recycling.

Less Cycle Time

When the China zinc die casting process takes place, the molten metal is injected into the die for the creation of the part. After the metal gets solidifies, the part is ejected from the tool. Now determining the cooling time in the tool is generally varies according to the alloy and the size of the part. Now the point is how zinc alloys help in achieving less cycle time? Well! Zinc uses the hot chamber die casting that produces four or five shots per minute, whereas other alloys give two or three shots. If you are cautious of having a low cost, then having less cycle time can aid in gaining more savings and this can be achieved from zinc.

Other Properties

China zinc die casting manufacture more strong and sturdy parts and components as the standard zinc alloy help in achieving the highest quality of parts and that too at room temperature. The die casting process is also found to be more in strength as the zinc alloy is inherently having a strength and doesn’t require any secondary aid in comparison to other alloys. Besides this, you can save on much on the overall cost of the part through this process.

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