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Suggestions by China Plastic Injection Molding Service for Choosing a Machine


Picking the right machine for injection molding process is not less than a burdensome task it demands a lot of preciseness and manipulative functionality to consider and for any established manufacturer the quality has to be in mind as the right machine will lead to give lower costs and more profits to the business to gain the real insight of how to make a good choice for machine read this blog as China plastic injection molding service is throwing light on some very peculiar points for making a wise selection for injection molding machine.

Knowledge of Plastic Parts You Wish To Mold

Knowing about what plastic parts are getting moulded by the machine is a nice piece of advice from the China plastic injection moldmaking experts, as the plastic parts which don’t get moulded by the machine will result in unnecessary frustration, low quality and wastage of time and efforts and mold damage. So, before proceeding further do follow up on plastic material, weight and quality requirements etc.

Know About Machine Type

Fully electric machines:- This is highly suggested by China plastic injection molding company as it is one of the most energy efficient machines for molding because they draw direct electric power from the motor for every movement of the machine thereby resulting in excellent part quality.

Hybrid molding machines:- This machine is a combination of hydraulic drive and electric drive.The injection speed is generated very fast with hydraulic power, whereas the rest of the machine uses electric drive servo motors and every axis of the machine has its own dedicated motor. This machine is extensively used by China plastic injection moldmaking processes.

Calculating The Injection Unit Size:- In order to have the right unit size for plastic injection molding machine you should be well-versed on a few specific things like plastic material, cycle time, peak injection pressure requirement, injection rate and hold time and pressure.

These are very basic key point’s needs to be followed for choosing a machine. To have more details consulting China plastic injection moldmaking experts is suggested as they are diligent in providing the relevant information.

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China Aluminium Die Casting – Dimensional Accuracy Very Critical


Components made by die casting play a vital role in many key industries of the economy. Aluminium as a metal offers a number of advantages. One of them is that the metal is light but quite strong, and one can get very accurate components through china aluminium die casting, provided the molds are of good quality.

Choice of Aluminium as a Material

As mentioned, aluminium is the metal using which many components get made. The process of die casting with this metal requires skill and expertise and is cost effective. The technology has advanced to a great extent, and the moulds are generally made from a steel material. The pouring of aluminium into the moulds under pressure is done to fill the mould, and the casting machines have the provision to set the right temperature at which the casting takes place. The products that come out of the machine are almost perfect and hardly any finishing work has to be done on them. The industries which use the China aluminium die casting machines to manufacture the components, have a choice of machines and the sizes and types of components that will determine the final design and specifications of the machines. What is more important is also the quality of the molds.

Mold also Made by the Machine Maker

The process of die casting requires the machine to be of the best quality and the steel molds also have to be manufactured to perfection. The china aluminium die casting moldmaking companies take care of this aspect also, and the best quality moulds are made by them. In making these moulds, the factors that are considered include dimensional accuracy. To get this right, the China aluminium die casting moldmaking companies first obtain the drawing of the components that have to be made from the moulds. If the customer can give the actual compound also, it helps in making the molds with better accuracy.

Obviously, if the component is being developed for the first time, the customer might not be able to provide the sample piece. The rough piece developed by the design department might not represent the actual specification. The key technical factor kept in view is the coefficient of expansion of the metal of the mold. At the time of die casting, the machine expands when the aluminium is poured and then when the component is taken out after cooling, the accurate dimensions are achieved. Every reliable China aluminium die casting moldmaking company takes care of all these technical parameters to ensure that their customers receive the best moulds. Hence, the components that they then cast using these moulds, pass all tests and are approved by the end users.

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China Plastic Injection Molding for a Sustainable Take

Color bioplastic cups and egg cartons

China plastic injection molding is an industry that touches a variety of other industries. There are many products that emanate from here which help in fixing and holding our various appliances and vehicles in place. Apart from this, the various kinds of plastic mold making in China also help in giving back to the nature and environment in a sustained and positive way. Let us find out more about this kind of plastic.

  • Bioplastic Injection Molding: One kind of plastic molding from China includes bioplastic injection molding which is basically crafted with the help of biodegradable material. This kind of plastic thrives and gets recycled even when it is left in the open.
  • Compost Bins: These kind of plastic injection moldings from China follow a process of plastic injection mold making that makes them perfect for a variety of uses. One of the most prominent and relevant uses includes making of a compost bin. As you would know, a compost bin is where one can deposit recycled garbage and produce including kitchen waste and others so that vermi culture may be practised to create a natural fertiliser for agricultural and gardening purposes.
  • Packaging: This kind of plastic injection molding is generally used for creating packages and containers for various food and perishable items that are processed. These items can be frozen and cooked before being consumed. This is a non-toxic way of packaging and storing food which goes a long way in keeping the items inside safe
  • Recycle: These packages can be recycled and used once the food and perishable items within have been used and consumed. There are many ways of recycling these items, including using them as planters that can easily sink into the soil without harming the quality of the same and the environment as a consequence.
  • Recreate: These containers and packages created with plastic injection moldmaking from China, can be used to create craft projects and more as they are bio degradable and can be easily handled by children.

The use of this kind of plastic injection mold making process is one that helps in creating a basis for sustainable practices. Emanating from China, this evolution is not yet widespread, although it should be more widely practiced so as to ensure that the plastic injection molding industry helps in ushering in a whole new eco-friendly revolution for various products.

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Plastic Molding Finishes for a Trendy Look


Plastic Injection Molding is an important industry with many modern machinery, products and appliances, making use of plastic molding fixtures with the help of plastic injection moldmaking. These parts are easy to replace, fit into cavities and also render a lightweight feel to the product they are used in. So let us talk about the industries that make use of such fixtures and fittings.

– Glasses and Optics: Have you looked closely at the glares you wear or the glasses that help you concentrate on your work better, in case you are suffering from poor vision? You will find tiny plastic molding, which act as the screws that hold the main frame and the hands together for a convenient swiping motion. Also, these screws are fixed into the tiny cavities that are often created with a process called plastic injection moldmaking or die casting.

– Furniture: Currently, there are many kinds of flexible wood furniture like rubber wood varieties that use this kind of molding so as to assemble items that are produced quickly and on a wholesale basis. These fixtures are also used in plastic or outdoor furniture.

– Automobile Accessories: This process can help mass produce auto accessories that can fit into a number of industries. With these automobile accessories, plastic injection molding comes into the picture for products that can fit into doors, windows and the overall shell of the vehicle.

– Office Items: A stapler, a punching machine, scissors, box file covers, and even other equipment like computers and the like make use of plastic injection moldmaking so that they can be assembled with ease and speed to grace the desks of offices the world over. The alloy used also makes them a sturdy partner.

– Kitchen Products: Many appliances and other manual tools that we use in the kitchen also make use of fixtures, which are made with the use of plastic injection molding, so as to create something that is easy yet hardy to handle while preparing meals.

– Medical Devices: Many apparatus and equipment as well as physical examination tools are made with the help of plastic injection moldmaking, which can replicate the standardised products to be used the world over.

The plastic injection molding industry is one that enjoys a share in a variety of industries thanks to its sheer versatility and quick to produce features with the help of plastic injection moldmaking.

Super Quality Custom Thermoplastic Parts & Products

Thermoplastic Injection Molding is one of the most widely used processes to manufacture plastic products. Thermoplastics are the polymers such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polypropylene, polybenzimidazole, acrylic, nylon and Teflon that can be melted, and cooled to solidify as a specific physical change, rather than any type of chemical change that takes place during the molding of different thermoset materials.

With thermoplastic injection molding, products can be manufactured with pretty high accuracy, such as those objects made for use in precision engineering, and can be mass-produced in comparatively lesser time. As a leading thermoplastic injection molding company of China, Shanghai iMolding uses the latest equipment for manufacturing of the thermoplastics parts. The company is trusted by many reputed companies for manufacturing different sized products, ranging from the smallest part to one that has a footprint of more than one square foot.

In addition to the wide range of presses, they also use different types of the auxiliary equipment to keep molding costs down. It all helps them to deliver cost-effective, superior quality, custom designed thermoplastic parts and products to a wide range of industries such as intelligence robots, motors, auto accessories, office belongings, electrical teaching equipment, medical devices, kitchen minor electrical appliance, gymnastic apparatuses, and civil plastic products across the world.

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Custom Aluminium Die Casting Products In China


Aluminium Die casting is basically a metal casting process that involves forcing molten aluminium under very high pressure into a specific mold cavity. The mold cavity is generally created by utilizing two hardened tool steel dies that have been machined into particular shape and work very much similar to an injection mold during the procedure. In China Aluminium Die Casting a cold-chamber is used. In die castings, other than aluminium, other non-ferrous metals, such as zinc, copper, lead, magnesium, pewter and tin-based alloys are also used.

China aluminium die casting is specially used when we need parts and products that are lightweight and have high dimensional stability for pretty complex structures and thin walls. Such products have good corrosion resistance and even retains strength at high temperatures – while offering good mechanical properties and high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Shanghai iMolding is one of the largest and most reliable Die Casting manufacturer of China. Depending upon the requirements of the client, they provide custom-made and cost efficient Aluminium die casting parts – delivering the products to a wide range of industrial sectors across the world including Japan, Korea, United States, and other parts of the world.

Cost Effective Thermoplastic Injection Molding

Thermoplastic injection molding is one of the most commonly used processes to manufacture a wide range of plastic parts that we see in our everyday life. Thermoplastic are the polymers that can easily be heated to melt or soften and then cooled efficiently to solidify as a physical change in the shape of the specific mold.

The process of thermoplastic injection molding is specifically used to economically produce formed parts in huge quantities. The process is carried through the injection of thermoplastic characteristic material, plasticized in an injection unit and is injected under pressure into a specific mold. The shape and the surface texture of the completed part are determined by the cavity of the mold. In thermoplastic injection molding process, the parts are produced with comparatively higher accuracy than any other and hence is widely preferred by the manufacturers and industries.


Shanghai iMolding is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality parts and products using a wide range of processes such as plastic injection molding, product development, die casting molding, mould design and making, and numerous finished product assembly. They deliver cost effective and quality parts and products to a wide range of industries in different corners of the world including Korea, United States, Japan, and other.