Month: May 2017

A Study on Several Types of Thermoplastics


Thermoplastic foam casting China is a recommended process which has the capability of producing large structural parts. This method starts with the molten thermoplastic being injected into a mold with the help of an agent or sometimes given a high-pressure gas. This way bubbles get produced in the thermoplastic and allow it to foam. Now, this was a general introduction to Thermoplastic foam casting China process which is highly used for the manufacturing of the plastic materials for consumer goods, machine parts, medical equipment and storage materials, etc. But are you not curious to know that how thermoplastics play a major role in giving the sturdy and structural end product? Well! Thermoplastics gets melted when heated and return to a solid state when cooled so this allows the thermoplastic foam casting China to reshape the plastic when heating it. Moving further on this blog, let’s discuss few very popular thermoplastics.


This is a great substitute for silk for the products like parachutes, vests and ladies stockings. This thermoplastic belongs to polyamide, a class of polymers mainly used for several purposes in making fabrics. Besides have provided a major contribution to the development of fabrics, Nylon also used in rope, carpets and even for making strings of the musical instruments. You can also find a great use of Nylon in mechanical parts like for screws, wheels etc.


This is commonly known as polythene which is a family of polymers in which the materials are categorized as per their density and structure. In spite of being used for small purposes the high molecular weight of polythene is strong and is strongly used in the manufacturing of moving machine parts, joints and a number of other things.


Now, this you must have heard a lot whenever you have to dig yourself with the utensils’ shopping as many kitchenware products nowadays come coated with Teflon. The non-stick cookware becomes famous and preferable only because of the quality coating of Teflon on it. As the Teflon is chemically inert so therefore it is very useful for the manufacturing of containers which are prone to have a contact with reactive chemicals.

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New Advancements in Plastic Injection Molding China

Plastic injection molding China is a superb process which is tremendously used for manufacturing of the mechanical parts and components for a varied number of industries. This process has refined even more when plastic injection moldmaking China has started making different types of molds for better finishing and accuracy in developing the plastic parts of diverse measurements. The versatility of these two methods plastic injection molding China and plastic injection moldmaking China have enabled the manufacturer to manufacture and develop plastic products having high quality, reduced material cost and faster development with reduced labour cost. Now in order to gain maximum benefits from these methods, there are lots of advancements and technologies developed which are supporting these methods even more and enabling the methods to manufacture efficient and sturdy products as per the client requirements. Here in this blog, we are trying to summarize the latest developments happening in plastic injection molding China process.

Gas- Assisted Injection Molding

In this form of gas assisted injection molding method the melted plastic injection is supported by the booster of pressurized gas into the mold. The gas, which is used for pressurization is nitrogen, which supports the process diligently. The gas produces a bubble which fosters the plastic to get into the mold accurately. As the bubble starts expanding the different section of the mold starts getting filled. The gas can be injected at different positions depending upon the type of molding used as there are different types of molding used in the plastic industry. Either the gas is injected through a nozzle into the machine or it can be injected straight into the mold cavity.

Foam Injection Molding

Though there are different molds developed through plastic injection moldmaking China for plastic structural parts, but the addition of foam injection molding has greatly effected the manufacturing of the structural parts as this foam injection method makes the whole manufacturing more effective, affordable and enabled the structural parts to have high resistance and rigidity. The other positives found in parts through foam injection molding are that the parts now have more superior thermal isolation and a greater chemical resistance with improved electric characteristics.

So these are two major advancements which have improved the plastic manufacturing to a great extent.