Month: June 2016

Key Benefits Of Structural Foam Molding


Structural foam molding is a widely used low pressure injection molding process in which an inert gas is injected into melted polymer for the purpose of reducing weight and density of the end product while enhancing its strength. The lower pressure and forces involved in the process allow more economical molding equipment to be utilized resulting into high productivity of very large parts or producing multiple parts on a single machine in a single cycle comparatively lower price in comparison to the conventional injection molding.

The structural foam injection molding process utilizes a molten resin that has been injected with a chemical blowing agent or nitrogen gas. This blend is then injected into the mold, where the gas or the agent expands and efficiently fills the mold with foam. The surface cells collapse, when the foam flows through the mold, producing solid skins against the walls of the mold. The core of the part remains structurally foamed.

The overall weight of the part is reduced by up to 20 percent as the outer skin is solid and the center of the wall is foam. The parts made with this process are sturdier and thicker than any other processes and have minimal warpage. Shanghai iMolding is a trusted manufacturer of custom parts and products, delivering custom parts as per the requirement of the clients across the globe including the United States, Japan, Korea and other places of the globe.

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Plastic Molding Finishes for a Trendy Look


Plastic Injection Molding is an important industry with many modern machinery, products and appliances, making use of plastic molding fixtures with the help of plastic injection moldmaking. These parts are easy to replace, fit into cavities and also render a lightweight feel to the product they are used in. So let us talk about the industries that make use of such fixtures and fittings.

– Glasses and Optics: Have you looked closely at the glares you wear or the glasses that help you concentrate on your work better, in case you are suffering from poor vision? You will find tiny plastic molding, which act as the screws that hold the main frame and the hands together for a convenient swiping motion. Also, these screws are fixed into the tiny cavities that are often created with a process called plastic injection moldmaking or die casting.

– Furniture: Currently, there are many kinds of flexible wood furniture like rubber wood varieties that use this kind of molding so as to assemble items that are produced quickly and on a wholesale basis. These fixtures are also used in plastic or outdoor furniture.

– Automobile Accessories: This process can help mass produce auto accessories that can fit into a number of industries. With these automobile accessories, plastic injection molding comes into the picture for products that can fit into doors, windows and the overall shell of the vehicle.

– Office Items: A stapler, a punching machine, scissors, box file covers, and even other equipment like computers and the like make use of plastic injection moldmaking so that they can be assembled with ease and speed to grace the desks of offices the world over. The alloy used also makes them a sturdy partner.

– Kitchen Products: Many appliances and other manual tools that we use in the kitchen also make use of fixtures, which are made with the use of plastic injection molding, so as to create something that is easy yet hardy to handle while preparing meals.

– Medical Devices: Many apparatus and equipment as well as physical examination tools are made with the help of plastic injection moldmaking, which can replicate the standardised products to be used the world over.

The plastic injection molding industry is one that enjoys a share in a variety of industries thanks to its sheer versatility and quick to produce features with the help of plastic injection moldmaking.